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About Lego Colors



color ruler circa05.2014 for solid colors in basic Brick 1X2 and Tile 1X2

“my fascination and love of lego bricks is somehow weird like in a huge-fan-stalker kinda of way.”

but let’s put this aside and talk about colors, bricks, creation, representation, articulation

in order to have the perfect playing time EVER. so it could be really addictive. so you’re hoocked on LEGO

so you’re buying more shit, blah blah blah.


With my Lego©ColorRuler, I want to show you how marketing, and branding have long win other Creativity

in the very core of Lego© bricks. But despite these allegations I’m thinking of opening a dialogue* with Lego©

that basically consist of just me being a think tank on my blog in a new Lego© category .(mumbling about colors, parts etc. you name it!)


As up with today, I leave you with a pan picture (my first on my  new Ipod, jee this shit is dope! sorry bout dat, continue)

of the Lego©ColorRuler that I will comment and give more details later.

Brick a leg!


*thanx to spam and my poor tech skills, I’ll leave the comment section closed. If you can help for free you can drop an e-mail Here