Then I bought a time-capsule at Target1 and put the leagal tenders in it among other things.

On November 2010 we drove to Marfa from Dallas and buried the capsule,

on the side of the road from Marfa to Valentine3.

Directed by A. Chaney

Camera: JP Chaney

Editing: Laureen Noël

Music: "Intro" James Ferraro (NYC Hell 3:00AM)


In Spring 11 when I was in dallas for three months, I received a very exiting e-mail2 stating that the time Capsule has been found. I wrote back and explained the project with more details, also asking to meet them in order to document on video the recolection and feelings of the experience from their point of view.

The women responded back, first that she was okay; then later, that due to school duties or schedule problems she had to postponed the meeting. Then I never heard of her again.


In what appear a moment of fate I drunkenly trashed a few e-mail including our conversation. What only survived was a capture of the first message2.

So far my research led me to believe that she could actually lived in Dallas but I wasn't able to make contact yet.


A.C. 2015

1: The Time-capsule just before burial, november 3rd 2010

2: The first e-mail capture

3: The acurate location